brixton art prize

Welcome to Brixton Art Prize, a new and inclusive art competition.


We welcome those from all walks of life to enter and feel united through art.


Based in Brixton, a well loved South London district with a rich cultural history, lifting up local community creativity is really important to us.

Not only do we want to create a platform that focuses the attention of the world on emerging artists, but profits made from the competition will be used to aid local community-based art projects. Find more details about this here.


The first year of Brixton Art Prize 2022 has just concluded, but here’s the journey so far:


We closed for submissions on 15th May 2022 with over 700 applicants and 1000 pieces of art, and selected and announced our 40 shortlisted artists just 2 weeks later. These 40 artists were then brought together to participate in a group show one month later, on the 30th June at Downstairs at The Department Store, Brixton.

The show itself was a huge success, and the feeling of community pride was palpable over the entire weekend. To bring such real and diverse talent together, in such a brilliant space, was a pleasure for everybody involved.


A few excerpts from the comment book left at the exhibition:


‘A great selection of art, discussing very important topics.’

‘This is a beautiful show, I felt drawn in today… Inspiring story-telling and a diverse range of mediums make it somewhere I could spend hours.’ – Ali

‘Brilliant – such variety but all showing talent, looking forward to seeing what’s next.’


What’s next for Brixton Art Prize?


Presented with work of such high quality and an overwhelmingly positive response from the public, Brixton Art Prize is definitely here to stay.

We’re excited to use the platform we’ve built to lift up emerging artists and creative communities – of course, locally, but also in the creative communities that Brixton reflects across the world.

So – welcome to Brixton Art Prize. Keep your eyes and ears open for the upcoming announcement of next year’s competition. It’s coming very soon


The Department Store, Brixton (UK) where the Awards Ceremony and Exhibition were held.

The Department Store, Brixton (UK) where the Awards Ceremony and Exhibition were held.