Tips For Applying To Your First Art Competition

Applying for art competitions can be daunting even if you have applied to lots of them. If you’re feeling nervous and it is your first time applying don’t stress, this is completely normal. We have compiled some of our top tips for applying to art competitions!


Tip 1- Don’t be put off by the theme!

With many competitions there is a theme which should be resembled or touched upon within your art – be it irony, abstract or obvious. Competitions use themes as it’s a good discursive point for artists. It also gives an identity to the competition and what the competition means to the curators.

However this doesn’t mean you have to produce brand new artwork to fit the theme. It’s likely you’ve already created art which responds to the theme within your portfolio. The theme is merely a starting point for discussion and can be interpreted in any way and medium the artist sees fit.



Tip 2 – Read through all of guidelines and extra information provided!

There will be a lot of guidance over the varied social media platforms available. This may help to give you extra inspiration for what the judges are looking for. For example we have an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which we post to every day discussing art and what it means to us. In addition, we have weekly blog posts which provide guidance or interesting topics related to the theme.

Furthermore, looking at the location of the competition is particularly important. This will most likely give clues as to what the curators are like, as well as their surroundings and their inspirations. The judges for the competition will likely reflect this as well. If they haven’t been announced yet, there is no harm in reaching out for further information about the judges.


Tip 3 – Take time with your supporting statement!

A supporting statement is a brilliant way to tell the judges a bit more about you, your art and what it means to you. Don’t worry ,they aren’t looking for an essay. Most of the time, a few sentences describing your artistic process and its relation to the theme is perfect. Even if you find writing difficult, a few bullet points can be enough to give the judges extra insight into your work. Write what you think is important; authenticity is key.



Tip 4 – Be true to you and your art!

Even after reading through all the extra information, you may feel out of your depth. Don’t let this fear influence your decision to apply or what to apply with. It is paramount you apply with art work which means something to you because it will most likely resonate with someone else. Try to see the theme and extra information as guidelines. DON’T let it restrict you and your art!



We hope these tips have helped you to feel more ready to apply. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact us page.

Also check out our FAQ page!

You can apply to Brixton Art Prize now until the 15th of May 2022 with up to 5 pieces of artwork. You can also reserve your place and submit artwork later if you aren’t ready to upload your art yet. The awards ceremony is on the 30th June at The Department Store London, this is where shortlisted and the winner will exhibit their work at the shortlist show until 3rd July. There will also be a solo London based show for the winner which we will develop with them.

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