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We are excited to introduce you to Brixton Art Prize, a brand new art awards that celebrates the best in the emerging arts.
We welcome art of all and any media, from photography and painting to sculpture and installation. This is an art competition in its broadest form. Our ethos is to support grassroots community projects. All profits raised through the Brixton Art Project will go directly to local art charities and the Brixton community.

Each entry costs £10.00. Currently there are cash prizes up for grabs as well as some more exciting prizes to be unveiled!

The theme for this year’s show is Conflict & Integration, broad reaching terms that can be interpreted in many ways, and, in its simplest form, can be relatable to all of us as part of our day to day.

As numbers may be limited depending on take up, you may wish to book your place as an entrant to Brixton Art Prize now and upload jpegs of your work at a later date. We will send you reminders over the course of the submission window. Closing date for entries is Midnight Sunday 15th May 2022.